Vice President/Actress
Marlyse is the Vice President of Callywood. She is one of Callywood's best actresses. An
extremely beautiful Cameroon icon, who speaks French and English very fluently,
which makes her a very valuable asset for Callywood. Marlyse has demonstrated
incredible talents in directing and acting.  She will become Callywood's first female
director. She currently resides in the US. She is always ready to shoot a film in Africa.

Marlyse likes swimming and enjoys a lot of Cameroon dishes especially Eru and
Water-fufu. By the end of the year she intends to travel to Cameroon with the director
( Erick Ntang) to shoot the movie" The President of the United States Of Africa. In that
Movie she plays the role of the First Lady. Marlyse has also featured in Movies such as"
Our In-laws", "The Inheritance", "The Price Of Cheating" "The Sacrificial Lamb", "Green
Card", "Kitchen Near You" and "Inside Fire".