Erick is the President of Callywood. A very talented young man full of energy, intelligence and a seasoned Cameroonian film
Director. He holds two Master degrees in Computer information Systems and Business Administration ( Strayer University,
Washington DC)  and has used those to his greatest advantage. Erick started thinking about the movie industry when he first
studied at  Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria). His friends will always tell him that "Cameroon cannot produce any movie". That
did not prompt him to pursue a degree in theater Arts or Cinematography. His pride then was to go back to Cameroon and
In 1996, He left Nigeria with A degree in History and International Relations. He moved to the Ivory Coast where he lived with his
Sister for a while. When he immigrated to the US in 1998, He still was not thinking very hard about the movie industry. Erick
decided rather to pursue a career in Business and Information Technology.

By early 2005, Erick started noticing the increasing lucrative and glamorous nature of the film industry and the fact that his home
Country(Cameroon) was far behind, vis-a-vis Nigeria. Erick assembled some few Cameroonians, like Takoh Abraham, Edith
Pikwa, Celine Ndip, trained these individuals who had no previous acting experience. Some made it but others did not .Those
who persisted and were very dedicated moved on with Erick and created a new Cameroon Film company  and named it
CALLYWOOD. Besides acting, Erick is one of the best African film directors. Erick, his Wife, their beautiful Daughter and two
Sons live in the USA.

Erick has directed and featured in films such as "The United States Of Africa", "The Price Of Cheating", "Our In-laws", "The
Inheritance","The Secrets Of the House", "Green Card", "The Sacrificial Lamb", "American Wahala", "Lisa The President's
Daughter" "Kitchen Near You" ,"Inside Fire" and "The Stolen Throne"

Erick also has a strong passion for music and is a very talented musician. He released a gospel album in 2008 (Jesus Takes
Care) and is currently working on a musical album titled "Celebrate Africa". When he is not acting or taking care of his beautiful
daughter and Sons, He plays those keyboards like crazy, and is also a great percussionist.