About Us
Callywood is the name and entertainment is the game. Callywood is a Cameroon film
Company based in the USA, with other branches in Cameroon. Callywood has been in
business since January 2007 and has since  produced 10 films including the famous
"The United States of Africa", "The Price of Cheating," "American Wahala", "Our
In-Laws", "The Sacrificial Lamb","American Wahala", "Lisa the President's Daughter",
"Inside Fire" and many more.

Callywood would become the premiere Company in the entertainment Industry in
Cameroon, Using high definition, and other State of the Art production equipment
to provide you with the best motion pictures from Cameroon.

Callywood's Vast base of diverse Actors and Actresses just add to the pride of
the industry as the number one in Africa. Most of the films themes are base on
contemporary issues affecting Africans at home and abroad.

Some love themes will occasionally be emphasized, but Callywood is drifting
more and more  into complicated themes that few other Companies are yet to
venture into. No doubt therefore Callywood is the best place for films in Africa.